After thanksgiving, a week of food

I’ve started this blog with the intention of providing more than food lists, but my weeks are passing–full and fast. It’s Sunday again, and I’ve just barely come up with this week’s food plan:  lots of soups because it is cold-in-your-bones weather here in Indiana. Our vegetarians have returned northward, and I’m going to remedy my envy of all the turkeys I’ve heard about this week. We’ll have more meat than I’ve planned for in recipes, so if you have other good turkey-leftover conversions, I’d love to hear your ideas.

To health!


millet grits and eggs

hungarian mushroom soup, salad and sourdough bread

lentil soup with millet


oats w/ summer peaches and buttermilk cottage cheese

mexican egg and rice tacos w/ avocado

Coconut Curry Soup and indian creamed spinach



hummus and veggies

turkey rice soup with cabbage


oats with arame

turkey, potatoes and gravy

baked cheese and rice dish with broccoli and turkey, salad


quinoa with blueberries and ginger

turkey sandwiches

steak, mashed sweet potatoes, salad


millet grits

steak tacos

turkey potpie


oats with arame

sourdough french toast brunch

turkey with kale pesto over quinoa, tomato soup


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