Gluten-Free Vegetarian House Guests, and a Week of Food

My mother is visiting from Tuesday evening through Saturday so I have to take her food sensitivities and politics into account (along side my own). I’m coming up with gluten-free, soy-free, corn-free, egg-free vegetarian meals. I have thanksgiving planned, but it sort of feels like a thanksgiving of side dishes. Any other ideas would be so greatly appreciated!!

This weeks limitations mean that we have to eat up some of our poultry and wheat based foods early in the week so that they don’t spoil– this makes the beginning of our week repetitive. It is hard to work with this many constraints! . . . If you have any great ideas for the rest of the week and can help me fill in the gaps, leave me a message.


mushroom egg swiss open face sandwiches

bacon lettuce wraps

spinach chicken rice dish (leftovers)

turkey lasagna with sprouted pasta


omelettes (I’m getting our eggs in early!)

left over lasagna

chicken red pepper tortes (from rotisserie chicken) and greek pilaf


left over tortes

left over lasagna

Spanish rice casserole


oats with arame

Coconut Curry Soup and salad

Mexican Salad (greens, beans, spanish rice, cheese, avocado, tomatoes, pepper, salsa)


quinoa with blueberries and ginger

hummus and veggies

Vegetarian Gluten-Free, Egg-free Thanksgiving:

Buckwheat stuffing + cranberry sauce

mashed sweet potatoes

lentil soup



millet grits

black beans and pesto with quinoa

baked broccoli and cheese rice dish, salad


oats with arame

left-over lentil soup and (fresh) salad

red curry and rice dish


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